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Hanzi Helper is designed as an aid for the study of Chinese characters (in Mandarin, "hanzi") used for writing Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Hanzi Helper maintains a list of characters that you are studying. It lets you make practice sheets for these characters, and exports the character data into a variety of formats for use in other applications. It's a way of remember what you should know and testing yourself, as well as practicing new characters you just learned.

The features include:

  • Keeps a record of the characters you have learned so far, and lets you view and add to this list.
  • Prints practice sheets based on these characters for practicing your writing or testing yourself on your memory of the characters.
  • Displays the stroke order of characters.
  • Allows export into a variety of formats.
  • Can place a reminder application in thecorner of your screen, showing the characters you're learning.

Besides the built-in functionality, HanziHelper can export data for the following applications:

  • Dragon Char for PalmOS (direct PDB export)
  • SuperMemo (via "Q&A" export)
  • SuperMemo for PalmOS (via text export)
  • Microsoft Excel (via XML export)
  • VTrain for Windows
  • PlecoDict for PalmOS/PocketPC

This application is free and the source code is available under the LGPL license. For more information, or to report a bug or feature request, see the Sourceforge project page. If you use this application, consider letting the developer know what you thought of it.

Your character list - Making practice sheets 1 - screen 2 - screen 3 - screen 4 - Converting text - "Reminder"

This application requires Java to be installed. It should work on all Java-enabled operating systems.

Version 1.0 - Jan 02 2007 - JDK 1.4+
Download executable jar file (with character data) - 1.3 MBhanziHelper_1.0.jar
Optional reminder app (Java 5)reminder_1.0.jar
Record file (1000 common characters)1000_chars.rec

Instructions are available as Help ("Help->Help") from within the application, or see usage instructions here.


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